Recent Development

Department of Law and Political Science has recruited two new professors recently. The first one is Mr. Daud Rezaie who has done his masters in International Water Resource Law. He is a Fulbright PhD candidate at University of Pacific Mc. George Law School J.S.D. The second newly recruited professor is Mr. Abdul Fazl Fasihi who is also a PhD candidate in Political Science in Shahid Behishty University, Iran.

In addition, Law and Political Science Department has two professors who are on their way to achieving their doctoral degrees. This is in continuation of Kateb’s mission to either recruit more PhDs as faculty or encourage current professors to pursue their doctoral studies. In the same efforts, Mr. Zamin Ali Habibi has finished his PhD studies from Jamat-ul-Mostafa University, Iran. He is writing his doctoral thesis in Criminology. Mr. Abdul Khaliq Qasimi is also undergoing his PhD studies in Jamat-ul-Mostafa University Iran. He is writing his doctoral thesis in Law.

We have had some quite prominent professors. Kateb University’s Department of Law and Political Science had the honor and pleasure of having Dr. Zakia Adeli as faculty member over past few years. Dr. Zakia has recently been hired as Deputy Minister for Social Affairs at Ministry of Justice. Also, Dr. Ahmad Farid Khorosh, current professor for master’s degree in Department of Law and Political Science, has been recruited as Cultural Advisor to Second Vice President. It is a great honor to have such personalities as educators at Kateb.

During the past few years, faculty members at Department of Law and Political Science have authored, co-authored and translated many books, some of which are also used as text books for university students across the country. First of all, Mr. Abdul Aziz Noori has co-translated a book titled ‘Human Rights and Islam’ published by Kateb University Publications. Dr. Abbas Basir who is a visiting faculty member at Department of Law has authored ‘Integrated Environmental Management from the Perspective of International Law’. The book was published by Kateb University Publication in 1396. Moving down the list, Dr. Zakia Adeli has written a book on ‘Postcolonial Situation and Multiplicity of Afghanistan’s Constitutional Law’, also published at Kateb University’s Publications in 1394. Contributing to the intellectual world, Abdul Khaliq Qasemi, current Dean of Law and Political Science, has written down the second edition of his book on ‘Civil Liability Arising from Breach of Contract’. His book was published in Kateb University Publications in 1394. Moreover, Mr. Ghulam Haider Reziae, a visiting faculty at the Department of Law, has authored a book on ‘Crimes Against Reputation within Afghanistan’s Laws’. Mr. Haider believes that physical harm to somebody is no different from harm to one’s reputation because it results is harm to one’s psyche and mental health. Therefore, harm to one’s reputation should be considered crime with the same attitude as other crimes within society. His book was published in Kateb University Publications in 1394. Last but not the least, Mr. Abdul Aziz Noori, former dean of the department, has written second edition of his book ‘Human Rights’ in 1394. Mr. Noori has explained in detail origin and history of human rights. He also covers topics on different articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of the key issues he covers in his book are; Civil and Political Rights; and Social, Cultural and Economic Rights.

The Department of Law and Political Science recently inaugurated Legal Clinic for the purpose of practice of law at Kateb University. This project is funded by USAID. Practice at the legal clinic has led students of law to great heights. Kateb University became champions of 2017 National ICC Moot Court competition.

Between 2015 to 2018, Department of Law and Political Science has organized over 25 guest speakers and conferences. Some of these are; joint conference with Tehran University on Criminal Policy of Iran and Afghanistan about Organized Crime where main presenter was Dr. Ibrahim Shams Baturi; Peace Conversation with Mr. Mia Khel and Ms. Amina Jafari; Right of Women and Youth in Shadow of Political and Social Crisis by parliamentarian Shahgul Rezaie; Review and Evaluation of Electoral Single Member Districts by Mohammad Nayem Ayubzada.

In 2017, a team of six law students participated in International Commercial Arbitration held in Kuwait. The participants were Amin Nabizada, Yalda Paiger, Farshid, Abdullah Moradian, Abdul Hussain Ahmadi and Hadi Awhadi.

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