Abdul Aziz Noori

abdul aziz noori

Abdul Aziz Noori’s personal subjects of expertise and interest are human rights, international humanitarian law, constitutional law and constitutional law of Afghanistan, labor law, comparative law, fundamentals of democracy, international human rights law and international humanitarian law. He also teaches introduction to human rights and legal English courses other than the above mentioned courses to students in the graduate and undergraduate programs at Kateb University.

Abdul Aziz Noori has previously worked as the manager of Academic Research Unit at Kateb University, Chief of Human Rights Center of Kateb University, part-time Course Development Consultant in Creative International, Afghan Children Read Program (ACR), USAID Afghanistan, part-time judicial Stage Curriculum Evaluation Expert (STTA) in ‘Assisting the Development of Afghan Legal Access and Transparency’ ADALAT USAID Afghanistan, Checchi International Consulting, Project Legal Adviser in Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO), and member of monitoring and evaluation unit in Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC).

During his service as the dean of department of Law and Political Science, some of his major responsibilities were presiding the board members of the faculty, presiding the monitoring and evaluation of faculty committee, presiding, making and monitoring the strategic plans and action plans for faculty in cooperation with evaluation and monitoring committee, budgeting faculty programs in coordination with other faculties, making new developmental programs and preparing them to be implemented in the following year’s action plan, residing the board of the academic research of the faculty, presiding and managing the syllabus plan and curriculum of the faculty, presiding and managing the moot court teams of faculty for participating in national and international moot court competitions.


Mr. Noori has contributed to knowledge enhancement for our students by having written 5 books and handbooks for students on different topics; such as

  • Human Rights a textbook for university students, First and Second Edition, Kateb University Press, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Human Rights and Islam a textbook for university students (translated to ). Kateb University Press Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Handbook on Human Rights and Police printed by GIZ Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Handbook on Practical Legal Skills for Violation Against Women Cases printed by Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO) Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Human Rights advisor of Handbook for Women’s Rights from Islamic Perspective for Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS) Kabul, Afghanistan.

He has 3 articles and paper presentations are as follows:

  • Conflation of Armed Conflict and Terrorism a paper presented in South Asian University New Delhi on October 04, 2016
  • Crimes Against Humanity published in Democracy Journal Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Geneses of Human Rights published in Human Rights Journal Kateb University.

He is a member to Asia Local Governance Initiative and Network (LOGIN) which is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, advocacy committee of International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) which is located in South Korea, and Civil Society Organization Kabul, Afghanistan.

Abdul Aziz Noori

Mobile: (+93) 705838218

Email: aziznouri@gmail.com

On Campus Office:






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