Dr. Abdul Aziz Danish

Dr. Abdul Aziz Danish is the current Head of Office of Graduate Studies at Kateb University. He has a PhD in International Law from Iran. He got his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in International Relations (2006) and Law (2001) respectively from Mofid University, Iran.


  • Current lecturer of undergraduate and graduate studies of law courses at Kateb University
  • Lecturer at Payam Noor and Dawat University
  • Visiting lecturer at Maks Plang teaching International Relations courses

No. of thesis written: 2

Published Papers: 7

Unpublished Researches: 4

Translations: 2

Attended Conferences: 16

 Activities and Awards: 

  1. Afghan Students Association in Qum, Iran
  • Member of the Founding Team
  • Advisor to Association Director
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Deputy Director


  1. Second Best Blogger Award (Based on Content) Qum, Iran


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