Why BBA ?

The curriculum mainly focuses on the study of business administration. It includes the in-depth study of the diverse aspects of business and the management of its operations. The significance of the course can be easily reviewed by checking the requirements needed to be a part of a corporate firm. It is not that easy to be a part of the corporate firms in the present scenario. One needs to outstand skills in the concerned specialization to manage the company’s business operations. And to gain these skills they must study BBA. The course specializes in various areas such as International Business, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc

Kateb University curriculum is based on the system of credit.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education’s Credit System, for completion of this course students must complete 140 credits.

Curriculum is determined by the segregation of the semesters and the contribution of each topic in the curriculum. A curriculum of 16 hours each week is equivalent to a semester. The bachelor’s degree in Business Administration includes generals, main subjects, electives and monographs.

The general and basic content that is essential for their education to enter the field of study is the foundation of proprietary information, respectively 16 credits and 35 credits. Credit Suit is devoted to for specialized topics that make the necessary and indispensable necessity of the specialized field is 71 credits. Students must also have 12 credits in their optional subjects, and 6 credits are related to student research and monographs.

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